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Case Study
April 10, 2024
Mastering Indoor Air Quality: Navigating Solutions for Containment Spaces
Deepen your understanding of IAQ with Omni CleanAir. We'll discuss air-cleaning technologies and how to diagnose, mitigate, and select the right solutions for your project.
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Case Study
March 18, 2024
HEPA Filters
Not all HEPA filters are created equal. Learn the difference between CFM and TrueCFM™ Certified, the 4 key parameters of HEPA filter performance, and find compatible Omni CleanAir HEPA filters for your product.
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Case Study
March 8, 2024
Example of an Abatement Process
Achieving successful asbestos abatement hinges on precise containment setup, comprehensive worker protection, and preventing the dispersion of asbestos fibers. Check the steps and make sure you're abatement project is on track for success.
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