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HEPA Filters

Confidence in performance is critical when choosing HEPA Filters

Navigating HEPA manufacturers and thousands of HEPA filter variations is challenging, especially when deciphering specifications amid missing or inaccurate information.

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Not all HEPA Filters are created equal.

CFM vs TrueCFM™ Certified

CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is the standard measurement of the airflow capacity through a Negative Air Machine. Other manufacturers’ CFM specifications sometimes overstate airflow volume per minute. 

Omni CleanAir machines with TrueCFM

Our machines undergo a rigorous, precise, and transparent measurement process, ensuring accuracy. This method, validated by qualified third parties, ensures that pairing a Negative Air Machines with a TrueCFM Certified HEPA Filter delivers the exact airflow calculated for your application. 

Quality-Certified Performance
Every Omni CleanAir HEPA filter undergoes rigorous testing for efficiency ratings and pressure drop. Only after each filter receives approval do our experts certify its performance.

How it works:

Four key parameters that define HEPA Filter Performance.
HEPA Filter Efficiency
It’s critical to understand if your filter captures 99.97% or 99.99% of particles 0.3 microns. Effective filtration and a higher level of particle removal contributes to cleaner, healthier environments.

HEPA Filter Efficiency

HEPA Filter Construction

Frame construction makes a difference. While wood frames are often less expensive, there are times metal is required. For example, abatement work is conducted in a very humid environment and could damage a wood frame.

HEPA Filter Construction

HEPA Filter Depth

Machines support different HEPA depths, some only support 12” depths, others support both 12” and 6” depths, make sure to select the right fit for your system.

HEPA Filter Depth

HEPA Capacity

A High-Capacity HEPA boasts increased filtration media over a Standard Capacity filter. This translates to an extended lifespan
and the ability to support higher airflow velocity.

Beware: other manufacturers use ‘high capacity’ to indicate a larger HEPA without providing increased media volume, which won’t give the required performance.

HEPA Capacity

Omni CleanAir HEPA Filter Selections

Our comprehensive range of HEPA filters are available in various sizes and specifications to serve a wide array of applications, including Air Scrubbers, Negative Air Machines, and Commercial Air Purifier units.
EfficiencyConstructionCapacityDepthTypical Use12" x 12"16" x 16"24" x 18"24" x 24"
99.97% EfficiencyConstruction Grade, Wood FrameStandard Capacity6"Construction
99.97% EfficiencyConstruction Grade, Wood FrameStandard Capacity12"Construction
99.97% EfficiencyConstruction Grade, Metal FrameHigh Capacity12"Construction
99.99% EfficiencyMedical Grade, Wood FrameStandard Capacity12"MedicalOAH1212-40OAH1616-40OAH2418-40OAH2424-40
99.99% EfficiencyConstruction Grade, Metal FrameHigh Capacity12"MedicalOAH1212-50OAH1616-50OAH2418-50OAH2424-50

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