To eliminate the illnesses caused by unhealthy air.


Humble Beginnings

Pavel Mazac immigrated from former Czechoslovakia to make a better life in America in August 1968.  As an educated Electrical Instrumentation and Control Engineer he spent nearly two decades working for an impressive array of industrial facilities – including Wastewater Treatment, Nuclear Plants, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Electrical Power Generation Plants

Along the way, he developed a talent for practical solutions that had to work reliably in demanding, real-world environments.  One such challenge to which no solution existed, was delivering air purification into dangerous, highly confined spaces.  A new company was born.


Omnitec Design was founded in 1988, with the launch of the OmniForce 77, an industry first. Not only was it one of the first portable HEPA Filtration Machines, but it was the first to have a modular design allowing for easy transport and setup in very small spaces. The OmniForce was an instant success and a cornerstone of the portfolio for decades.

Other innovations followed including the introduction of the OmniGuard Differential Pressure Recorder, a critical tool to ensure compliance with OSHA and EPA requirements for monitoring of negative pressure within a hazardous containment space. Required for any project involving Asbestos, Lead, Mold or Silica, the OmniGuard quickly became, and still remains today, an industry standard.

Not only did the company continue to grow, but so did the products. In 2010 we started Project Goliath – the development of a portable, extremely high capacity HEPA filtration machine. An industry first, this purifier needed to filter a massive 18,000 cubic feet of air per minute through 9 Medical Grade HEPA filters. The Omniaire 18000 is capable of cleaning 90,000 cubic feet of air in 5 minutes!

As with SARS in 2002 and H1N1 in 2009, during the COVID-19 pandemic our PAC1200 has been relied on by hospitals across the world to help meet stringent air quality requirements – such as the CDC Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities. This product uniquely combines High Capacity Airflow, Medical Standard HEPA Filtration, and UVGI to reduce the spread of infectious airborne pathogens.


Over the past 30 years, our products have been deployed to thousands of high-stakes applications where keeping people safe is a matter of life and death. Our products have gained a reputation for continuous reliable operation, in many cases – for years. A few examples include supporting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during wildfire season in the Pacific Northwest to allow hydropower control rooms to stay open safely in the midst of noxious wildfire smoke. We’ve helped keep front-line professionals safe from harmful particles during the decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities in the states of Washington and Tennessee and do so everyday in environmental remediation, pandemic response, asbestos abatement, and any application where harmful airborne particles threaten worker safety.

Introducing Omni CleanAir

In early 2020, the team at Omnitec recognized that we had an opportunity and an obligation to help people safely return to work amid a global pandemic.  Although our powerful technology was highly effective at keeping people safe in the hospital and industrial applications, they were large, industrial (noisy) and required professional expertise to install and operate.  

It was also apparent that most air purifiers marketed and sold to everyday workspaces were imported, consumer-grade and underpowered.  While these devices may improve air quality in a tiny spaces such as a kitchen or small bedroom, something different is needed to meaningfully improve air quality in a large conference room, reception area or school cafeteria.

The result: another innovative and reliable solution for demanding, real world environments.